Since 1920 the Toronto Transit Commission has been a viable alternative to driving in the city. The TTC provides an integral service to the city and people of Toronto by ensuring that riders are able to move throughout the city quickly and safely. Up until the 1970s the TTC provided complimentary rides to revelers celebrating on New Year’s Eve. However, the program was halted as a result of budgetary concerns.

In 2008 Nick Di Donato, President and CEO of Liberty Entertainment Group, took the initiative to organize a coalition of leaders in the entertainment industry to raise funds in support of the program, establishing the Toronto Entertainment Alliance.

The Toronto Entertainment Alliance consists of members from the hospitality industry, licensed establishments, restaurants, night clubs, owners and operators. They came together in order to have a positive effect on the city. The goal of the T.E.A. is to build relationships within their own community and also to help maintain a positive outlook on the entertainment industry.

It is expected that over 100,000 people will ride the TTC between midnight and 4.00 am on January 1st. The Toronto Entertainment Alliance would like to ensure that the city gets home safe.

“After a night of celebration, it is our aim to help ensure our patrons arrive home safely. Our customers well being is always our number one priority. This initiative will make their trip home easy and safe, by providing them with complimentary TTC service. Our hope is that this initiative will continue for many future New Year’s Eve celebrations. ”


Nick Di Donato, B.A. Sc, P. Eng
President and CEO
Liberty Entertainment Group


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